Ergophthalmology in Ukraine

Ergophthalmology as a new branch of science formed in Ukraine over the last 20 years. Such directions of it as ergophthalmology of precise manual work, ergophthalmology of work with optical devices as well as display units have been elaborated. The results obtained have illustrated clear changes in visual system under influence of working activity. The methods for diagnosing of visual disorders and their treatment in the industrial conditions have been worked out.

The main task of the current stage of ergophthalmology development is elaborating of special tests for early and delicate evaluation of functional changes in visual system during the working activity. Methods for complex rehabilitation of visual load work specialists are working out. Search of new ways and methods for restoration of normal level of visual apparatus working capacity is carrying out.

Great attention is giving to such relatively new kinds of labour as operators activity in bank system and work with optical devices of the last line. The data obtained testify about the necessity of widening and deepening of these studies in order to prevent the loss of working capacity in consequence of medical causes.

Important part of work is school ergophthalmology. It is a completely new direction in the science and ergophthalmological practice. It gives the opportunity to carry out the preventive work on ensuring of full value working staff for industrial sphere.

Ergophthalmology in Ukraine is developing actively in several centers. Chief one among of them is the center in Kharkov (P.O.Box 9141, 310058 Kharkov, Ukraine; phone + 380-0572-373-428, fax + 380-0572-791-313).

Ergophthalmological researches are the necessary part of industrial ergonomics, which ensures the keeping of visual load work specialists working capacity as well as effectiveness and quality of their activity.