Psychophysiological Security


The development of the methodology and applied systems of the psychophysiological support of operator's fitness for work during all stages of his professional biography in order to reduce human errors and to raise his efficiency.


As a methodological principle of our approach it is a monitoring of operator's psychophysiological professionally important qualities during all stages of his or her professional biography. Professional fitness for work of the operator (and his or her psychophysiological professionally important qualities) has the several components:
professional knowledge and skills,
conformity of psychophysiological features of an individual to requirements of trade,
conditions of health,
socio-psychological ones.

To solve this problem they were developed systems for industrial purpose:
a) for a psychophysiological initial professional selection,
b) for a periodical check,
c) for a day-by-day check.

Each of these systems permits to evaluate the reliability and efficiency of human work, as well as to construct the prognosis of changes of these parameters pursuant in relation to the period of his professional biography. The results of valuation and prognosis permit to make arrangements not only to increase human reliability and fitness for work.. The duly and exact information concerning to significance of these parameters permit to operate reliability of a human as an element of a socio-technical system and to accept the preventive measures for accident precautions.